DEAD RISING Infinity Mode Timer

This little program I wrote during my second attempt at getting the 5 and 7 Day Survivor achievements in DEAD RISING. You see, on my first attempt I died on day 5 because I wasn't paying attention and forgot to eat in time, doh! So after punching myself in the ass I put together this simple stopwatch to make sure that wouldn't happen again.

>>> Download DEAD RISING Infinity Mode Timer (59kB)

USAGE: You enter the number of health blocks after which you want to be warned. Say you are completely full (12 blocks) and you want to be warned as you reach your final block, in this case you would enter 11 and the program will warn you after 11 * 100s (time for one block to deplete) = 18m20s. Just in time to eat so you don't die.

It is admittedly very simply and written in mere minutes, but I've used it to great success on my second attempt earning me the two achievements.

Good luck.